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Quotes and The Latest News

"Adam Carroll is like a very young Kris Kristofferson. He writes about things that are older than me." - James McMurtry (in Rolling Stone)

“Influences? Adam Carroll. I used to skip my own gigs to go watch far my favorite, somebody whose writing style I emulated in some ways.” Hayes Carll (in No Depression)


"Though he’s drawn some lazy comparisons to Townes Van Zandt, he’s actually far more of a Guy Clark type, forgoing fancy metaphors in favor of matter-of-fact vignettes sharper than a Randall knife." - Lone Star Music review

"...a writer who may be only 42 but is talented beyond his years.”  – Rolling Stone


From Rolling Stone's review of Highway Prayer: A Tribute to Adam Carroll


"Carroll’s buoyant, vivid lyrics have been so influential in the Lone Star State that he’s inspired a stunning collection..." - No Depression


"Carroll’s songs are genuine, poetic, literary and relatable tales of life in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma." - PopMatters


"Carroll’s remarkable knack for creating stunning, visceral portraits of everyday Americans shines through."

- Elmore Magazine


Let It Choose You Reviews:

“Adam Carroll gives the characters on Let It Choose You freedom to walk into its songs seamlessly, not missing a step between real lives and the tale. They come into the songs with all their emotions fresh, both wounds and wit displayed in real time.”

Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root

“Let It Choose You is tinged with a touch of the swamps in Louisiana, the beaches of Galveston, the mosquitoes in Houston, and the twang that makes Austin country great layered over Carroll’s understated approach to songwriting. It’s the sort of album that makes you think you’ve heard it before on your first time through it.”

– Romeo Sid Vicious, Nine Bullets – Read Full Review Here

“Eight albums into his career, Adam Carroll still paints vignettes in the simplest terms while making them sound like he’s filming in Technicolor…Long compared to the likes of John Prine and Townes Van Zandt, Adam Carroll proves he’s beyond compare.”

– Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle – Read Full Review Here

Interviews and other Articles

“Hailing from Tyler, Adam Carroll remains one of the best singer-songwriters in his home state. Many consider his “Rice Birds” a peak: “I was thinking of you when the rice birds flew/ When the false dawn came with the morning dew.” He sang it at Jenni Finlay’s anniversary party last week, while locals said under their breath, “Yes, that’s Adam Carroll.”

The Austin Chronicle Interview by William Harris Graham: Here

“His songs have a way of immediately connecting with the listener and at the same time, being completely beyond anything we could have written ourselves. The characters in his songs live in our neighborhoods but they are so elegantly presented within the song that it makes them seem larger than life.” – The Broken Jukebox, 2010 – Read Full Article Here

Podcasts, Radio, Etc.

Adam on Otis Gibbs’s Podcast, Thanks For Giving a Damn Here

Adam and Chris Carroll on Rhymes Against Humanity with Adam Brodsky

Featured on WB Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show

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